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Your own source of low cost green power

TriWorks is extremely grateful to be supported by Ripple Energy, an innovative company helping to drive the move towards greener sources of energy and a more sustainable future.


Ripple is about people coming together to do incredible things for our planet. For a small investment, you can purchase shares in your own wind farm. You own part of the wind farm alongside thousands of other co-op members.


Onshore wind electricity production is low cost and reliable. Once constructed and operational, the savings from your own wind farm are applied to your energy bill.


Your investment not only helps increase the amount of renewable energy being added to the grid but also provides long term savings for you and your household. This is particularly relevant in the current climate of rising wholesale electricity costs - the higher the costs, the greater your potential savings.


Ripple aim to make clean energy ownership affordable and accessible for everyone, everywhere.


We are extremely proud and grateful to be supported by a company with which we have so many shared values. Sustainability, co-operative working and responsibility towards our wider society and planet are all at the core of the TriWorks ethos.


With their forward thinking approach, we reckon Ripple are making waves!

Allan McDougall
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With You Every Step of the Way

Allan McDougall Solicitors are one of the most foremost personal injury firms in Scotland. They have experience in obtaining compensation for cyclists in particular. Both for personal injuries suffered but also for damage to cycling equipment. They offer a no win no fee service and have useful information for cyclists on their website, including what to do in the event of an accident.


TriWorks are very grateful for the financial support that Allan McDougall provide the squad and we are reassured to know that their expertise is there should it be required.

They also offer full range of legal services through their award winning property division, McDougall McQueen.

Active Root
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Stomach-Stabilising Energy

TriWorks are extremely excited to announce that we are partnering with Active Root, a local Edinburgh-based company who have a range of delicious, eco-friendly sports nutrition.

Their products contain only natural ingredients and importantly also contain natural root ginger which helps promote normal stomach function during exercise. Perfect to fuel and rehydrate during the multiple training sessions we all do each week!

Active Root are committed to reducing and reusing plastic. They offer compostable refill pouches for all their products and the Gel Mix removes the need for single use plastic gel wrappers.

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Tell Us Where The Pain Is And We Will Get To The Bottom Of It!

Bodyworks Edinburgh is a Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy clinic based in the west end of the city centre. They offer a wide range of treatments from Physiotherapy, Sports Massage to Deep Tissue Relaxation Massages, Aromatherapy and Manual Lymphatic Drainage treatments. With a wide client base they treat lots of runners, athletes and desk based workers helping them get to the root cause of the pain/discomfort so they can stay fit and healthy.

With a team of highly skilled Physiotherapists, Sports Therapists and Massage Therapists, they have a multidisciplinary approach offering the most up to date research based treatments. They very much believe in preventative care to ensure you are always at your optimum!

If you have any questions or would like to try a treatment, do not hesitate to get in touch with them. 

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Magic 5 Foxlake
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A Better Swimming Experience

TriWorks are thrilled to be partnered with innovative goggles manufacturer THEMAGIC5.

THEMAGIC5 creates custom fit swimming goggles, made to measure the unique contours of your face. Their optimal fitting techology guarantees the perfect fit, eilminating leakage and suction marks.

The innovative and technically advanced goggles feature UV-protected lenses with a unique shape and superior peripheral vision.

A range of lens tints and mirroring ensure there is a goggle perfectly suited to all conditions, from the indoor pool to open water swimming in both overcast and sunny conditions.

By providing an experience free from distractions, all there is to focus on is yourself and the water.

Swimming as it should be!

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